Top 10 Fundamental Analysis tools and techniques of stock market

The most important things which every investor and trader should know is fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis will give you the core understanding of the company in which you are going to invest of trade.So here is the top 10 fundamental analysis concepts which you all have to follow.

Points Explanation
1. What the Company is doing You have to do analysis that what the company is doing.Because different company works on different sectors and different sectors have different growth opportunity.
2. Source of income of company Different company have different source of income,So you have to find out those income source.
3. Any loan Company have Loan is one of the reason for flop of the company so you also get the loan details of the company, this will help you take decision.
4. Total assets of the company It includes all the products of the company in relation to the price of the that products.
5. Understanding of EPS EPS stands for earning per share,which means earning is given by the company to per stock holders.
6. Growth opportunity of company This is important for long term investors,because in long term company will perform well if the company have good growth opportunities.
7. Vision and mission This is one of the important key of any company which gives the sense of the company that what the company wants to do in near future
8. Investors Relation If you are going to invest then one point you always keep in mind the how well company is managing the relationship with investors.Is company giving the complete details to the investors or the partial relations to the investors.
9. Image of Company in past Some times some companies lose it’s image because company not able to follow the strict guidelines of the company. And it is also prefer that in initial stage you have to be with reputated company.
10. Registration Yes you know, You are going to be the part of company, So you have to check that the company has it’s proper registration or not.