Stock Market trading tips and strategy which every stock trader should know

Every stock trader should know about the fact of the market and the behavior understanding of the market. Different types of traders have different nature and straight into trading but the main factor of every trader is making money from the market order from the buyer side or from the Seller side.

For getting success in the market, I am going to suggest some of the secret tips which I have already applied on my trading and I have already made money from those strategies or tips or techniques.

The first and foremost thing which I want to suggest if you have to be good understanding of the technical indicators and the direction of the technical indicators and the understanding of the chart of the technical indicator and the second very important thing and this is really very very important for you also that you have to be in discipline yes discipline means follow discipline and target discipline like if you target 2 rupees profit and if you get rupee profit you will not target next more next profit on the same

Whenever a big up or down movement comes in the market it always attracts the trader bit when it comes back to trade it will be bounded again you know yes. onset Monday and Tuesday morning When 90% of the trader becomes hopeless to adjust moves of 200 points in 4 hours this is the experience which I am sharing with you as I have many years of experience in the trading market. Of strategy yes I am also the one who has the lowest in the market but after learning from the market now I have become one of the successful traders so I am suggesting this kind of techniques to be used to make money from the market.