Physics Experiment with Reading for CBSE Class 12th [Viva Voice Question and Answer Included]

As we all know that Physics 1 is a subject to understand. If you understand physics properly then you definitely will have a good number of papas in physics, then I will tell you a few more things. Whether you are a physician or an expert, whether it is an experimental project, whether it is the question of your brother, the voice of the voice, you have a good number in all. You see, try to read physics from real life and try to read it. When you have to create a relation from physics to your real life, you will try to understand things from your environment, you will get a better understanding of physics as you say you are late city You read that in a very important chapter electrified, you read about electricity, about charging of particle particles In Ray, if you rate it in your real life and understand that everything is going on with electricity today then you will understand things more then you will know why you are studying all these things that you do not know And understand that I have compiled my Physics Experiment in my study time. This is my own physics payment which I am sharing with you. I am just sharing your knowledge for your knowledge, I am sharing for your reading. I also request you to not make any kind of editing in it. You can call it someone else on your behalf in the Eligal form Do not use it because I have written it very hard because I have spent it for 2 years in writing and understanding it is definitely my own property, all things are all I have all the registrations of the door, so let us consider a few more things, so that more people will understand better by doing physics. I have shared you with physics, which is definitely based on the pattern of the Central Board of Secondary Education. It will be very useful for the students who are studying in class, it is very useful for the class 12th because I have read the books of physics in it. It has been added which will help you to get better in your studies as well as I will request you to do it yourself also, when you implement physics experiments on your own, then you definitely Know that you can get good marks in physics because whatever subject matter you want to bring, then you should pay attention to the fact that you How much knowledge is there in that subject, how many things you are able to understand, the deeper you understand anything, you will get as many marks as possible. I have compiled all the experiments of light in it. Set the power of the times and the hairdresser all Today, Modern Physics has also become an important contributor to this. I have shared with you people who may be useful to you. Will happen.

HANDWRITTEN PHYSICS EXPERIMENT WITH READING FOR CBSE CLASS 12TH [Viva Voice Question and Answer Included]: Physics experiment with viva voice questions