How to make money from the stock market

It seems very difficult to make money from the stock market but my article will show you it is really not difficult you can easily make money from the stock market. I am going to show you some secret tips this tips will help you to make money from the stock market and I also assure you if you follow my tips then you will make money from the stock market from the option market or from the forex market or from the commodity market this test is helpful in many types of market with trading happens distance will also help you in Bitcoin trading so where you are trading you will be able to make money if you follow my tips these are my standard tips which I have developed after learning lot of trading in different types of market like currency trading stock trading option trading future trading and many another trading.

  1. How was the Global market last night see from , The last night market study will help you to take better decision today you know when you are aware of all the things which are happening in the market than the money making possibility will increase automatically so you always be aware of the market position you follow the Yahoo Finance or any other financial website according to your convenience.
  2. When the market opens predefined time, first of all, you see the direction of the index at the right top corner of the screen or from anywhere which is showing in your trading software.
  3. The most important thing is how you create your market watch I will suggest you if you are not creating your own market watch then from today you start Creating your own market watch this will help you to analyze the market very clearly there are lot of possibility in the market which you have to catch in an appropriate time you make your market what like the WhatsApp top 2 gainers top colleges of different sectors.
  4. I will suggest you-you start trading with the micro lot at the time of start the market it is possible to have 150. Up in first 3 minute but there may be possibility that it is strictly falls down there are of sun to make money from the market but you have to be confident the stock which you are buying in this type of situation the necessary things which you have to catch here is a like you operate and you want to buy a silver stock at a price of 51900 and you want to sell it better target price of 52100 and age according to your need you place a order in the market if you are confident and market really grows up you will make money but there is a possibility that market goes up but you are not confident because of that sell the stocks before making money so all the factors depends on you that in which mind you have bought the stocks and when you sell the stocks and what the condition purpose according to your knowledge and expectation.
  5. Sometimes it happens with the trader that that takes the spot reaction to undertake very less time to take the important decision so you have to take time before taking any decision and you always find there should be a valid reason behind the taking of your decision you did not take decisions according to your expectation are your need you take the decision according to the market and the behavior of the market then you will surely able to make money otherwise there may be a possibility you may lose your money.
  6. I will strongly suggest you that you don’t be emotional when is stop loss hits it is better to heat 5 Star Plus it. 150 rather than first of 1,000. You know what I want to say to you that you not take a risk of more money you take risks of very small money so the heating of the stop loss adjust the way of playing in the stock market so you’re not emotional when you stop loss it so be with confidence and trade in the market you will surely make money.
  7. I will also suggest you one thing that you be very flexible in trading no let’s one thing support silver goes up in the morning and down in afternoon and again up in evening then flexible traded text 200 points from it 500 points in safety this is a reality so you always be flexible up making the money from the market don’t be strict in any of the cases.
  8. Never try to guess any stocks and till the pickup of the stocks you try to pick at the bottom price and the other suggestion like a you try to place an order for making profit and because of that you want to book the stocks and you are targeted to book the stocks at lower price and sale at Higher price but the main thing is market did not behave what you think so you always try to find some think is special which is happening with those stocks and which is in favor of your decision.
  9. You always keep discipline and you always be in time discipline because time is most important and precious thing in this world trade from the time which is allowed in the market and check opportunity at the market time when the data comes after the market is open about trading between the mid of the market and first and last time the market without any clear tape last training session from last time only when there is a valid chance and you be always happy while trading and Happy trade in the market.
  10. You always be with target discipline also you book the target in discipline like you fix minute 2% Delhi target on capital and you get the 2% are there then you’re not trying to state the next 4 percentage if you are getting to percentage IT book it and take the profit every traded is not supposed to trade on every call you can have 6300 calls with small slot.