Top 10 tips for bringing good marks in mathematics

The main valuable quotes for mathematics are “PRACTICE makes MAN PERFECT”. So you always try to practice math as much as possible. I’m the class topper and sometimes in maths 100/- Get 100 points. But the main thing is that I am always 100 kph. ‘m not able to get 100 points. So my experience says that there is only one way of getting good points and that is the way to practice. In this session I’ll tell you my 10 secrets, how I’m 100/in mathematics. 100 points.

1. Always buy a new and latest revised books: Because the mistakes of the questions and answers in the new books are updated.

2A Its restriction on not borrowing a book from one: I have seen many students pass exams by borrowing books from friends. So you don’t have to buy a new book.

2 B. Its restrictions don’t give one of your books: sometimes students who don’t read the book properly. So you always keep your book close to you.

3. Read the book well: you know that every book is written to enhance your knowledge by the famous people of your farms.

4. Your teacher/ Professors’s look carefully: each word of the teacher is 1000 times powerful, so you always listen to your teacher’s point very carefully. It will really help you a lot.

Note: The most important thing is if you ask your teacher without any hesitation. When you ask for a question, you don’t talk about what the teacher or your friends would think about you.

I assure you of one thing:

If you have questions/days with your teacher every day If you have doubts, your conversation with the teacher will increase and reflect positively on your test directly. So you always ask your teacher for doubt.

5 A. Not to pass the test, but read books to gain knowledge from him: The book is your favorite teacher and if you are able to understand each of the book’s Knowledge, you will be the basis of your knowledge and if your knowledge is the basis, you must get good points.

5b. Do your lab properly and try to understand the concept that you are going to read in your books or reading books: The main advantage is that you get the way to “learn by doing something”. And it’s the best way to learn any method.

6A Make all questions properly/ To resolve: Each of the books has a lot of questions or questions to be practiced, and questions are given to you to understand the concept clearly. So try to fix all the questions properly and understand the concept behind the questions.

6B Solve as much questions as possible about your topics: you have to know the amazing things and do things “the frequently read theory for understanding concepts is less useful”. More useful things to do “read the theory once and try to resolve the question… This will really help to understand the profound concept of topics “.

7. Relate the last year’s question paper to your subjects: the most important things you solve paper last year will be your confidence to get good points in the exam.

8. Discussion with your friends, family and teachers: if you discuss your concept with someone else, I believe you will be able to learn it for a long time. Because in the discussion the brain is able to keep the concept from nature.

9. Early morning Details: One thing in your mind when preparing brief notes is that small notes should be shorter. Let me know when you read that topic which makes you think everything is important. But you don’t pay attention to everything that matters to the concepts that are really important or that you can forget in the future.

Follow your topics: The best of revising topics follow the strategy that you plan to revise accordingly

[First Amendment: within 24 hrs]

[Second Amendment: within the next 7 days]

[Third amendment: within the next 21 days]

[Fourth Rivijana: Within the next 3 months]

[Fifth Amendment: Within the next 6 months]

[Sixth Amendment: that is, you do not need to make more modifications, and you only revise the time of the exam]

Get more and more knowledge from various sources like Internet search, good websites, friends, family and teachers. And if you do that, you will definitely find success.