Forensic Engineering Fundamentals

Download Free PDF book on “Forensic Engineering Fundamentals” by Harold Franck and Darren Franck. Forensic engineers often specialize in a particular area such as structures, fires, or accident reconstruction. However, the nature of the work often requires broad knowledge in the interrelated areas of physics, chemistry, biomechanics, and engineering. Covering cases as varied as assessment of workplace accidents to the investigation of Halliburton in the BP oil spill, Forensic Engineering Fundamentals is a comprehensive introduction to the many diverse facets of the field that forensic engineers must be familiar with in their practice.

Book Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Structural Distress
  3. Blasting and Earth Movement
  4. Mold and Environmental Problems
  5. Water-Related Losses
  6. Appliances and Equipment Failures
  7. Slips and Falls: Injuries to Humans
  8. Industrial and Construction Accidents
  9. Accident Reconstruction
  10. Electrical Incidents and Lightning
  11. Electrocutions
  12. Fires
  13. Miscellaneous Losses
  14. Probability, Sensitivity, and Uncertainty
  15. Standards
Book Name Forensic Engineering Fundamentals
Author Harold Franck and Darren Franck
Category Physics, Chemistry
Book Language English
Publisher CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group
Pages 479
ISBN 978-1-4398-7840-8
Country USA
Book Size 5.8 MB

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