Dairy Chemistry and Biochemistry

This book is the most comprehensive introductory text on the chemistry and biochemistry of milk. It provides a comprehensive description of the principal constituents of milk (water, lipids, proteins, lactose, salts, vitamins, indigenous enzymes) and of the chemical aspects of cheese and fermented milks and of various dairy processing operations.

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Book Content

  1. Production and Utilization of Milk.
  2. Lactose.
  3. Milk Lipids.
  4. Milk Proteins.
  5. Salts of Milk.
  6. Vitamins in Milk and Dairy Products.
  7. Water in Milk and Dairy Products.
  8. Physical Properties of Milk.-
  9. Heat-induced changes in Milk.
  10. Enzymology of Milk and Dairy Products.
  11. Biologically Active Compounds in Milk.
  12. Chemistry and Biochemistry of Cheese.
  13. Chemistry and Biochemistry of Fermented Milk Products.
Book Name Dairy Chemistry and Biochemistry
Author P.F. FOX and P.L.H. McSWEENEY
Category Chemistry
Book Language English
Publisher Blackie Academic & Professional
Pages 495
ISBN 0 412 72000 0
Country United Kingdom
Book Size 14.4 MB

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