Advanced Structural Inorganic Chemistry

Download Free PDF book on “Advanced Structural Inorganic Chemistry” by Wai Kee Li, Gong Du Zhou and Thomas Chungwai Mak. This book is a revised and updated English edition of a textbook that has grown out of several years of teaching. The term “inorganic” is used in a broad sense as the book covers the structural chemistry of representative elements (including carbon) in the periodic table, organometallics, coordination polymers, host-guest systems and supramolecular assemblies. Part I of the book reviews the basic bonding theories, including a chapter on computational chemistry. Part II introduces point groups and space groups and their chemical applications. Part III comprises a succinct account of the structural chemistry of the elements in the periodic table.

Book Name Advanced Structural Inorganic Chemistry
Author Wai Kee Li, Gong Du Zhou and Thomas Chungwai Mak
Category Chemistry
Book Language English
Publisher Oxford University Press Inc
Pages 842
ISBN 978–0–19–921694–9
Country United Status
Book Size 11.9 MB

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